Why Us?

What is FeelsGood FC?
FeelsGood FC Collectible Soccer Jerseys

No matter where you are in the world, no matter how old... if you support a soccer club then you know what pride really means. Are you really a true supporter if you don't proudly wear your the crest of your favorite team? Fret no more, we've got you covered. 

FeelsGood FC takes pride in selling authentic soccer apparel that stands out in both football and fashion. Our collection of vintage soccer kits pay homage to the iconic styles of the 80's, 90's and 2000's that reflected the beautiful game around the world, not even realizing that these aesthetics would soon play a huge part in football culture / streetwear fashion today. We also offer modern day jerseys as well as unique training and outerwear.

We realize that the impact of soccer in America is getting increasingly stronger day by day, and with our own eyes have seen the impact it can make on people as well. As a team, we are constantly building and evolving a community of soccer players that take part in daily pick up games, organized adult leagues, charitable events and fundraisers, and much more. FeelsGood FC was built on the backend of the notion that simply getting out on a field, a court, or even your backyard to get touches in “feels good”.

Our love for the game has transformed into both playing the game surrounded by friends but also being embraced by the rising stature of soccer in the United States. Popularity around the sport is ever-growing and in our opinion, has begun to open up a niche market that infuses both streetwear fashion and soccer, or football culture. As players, we were always obsessed with style; not only in the way players danced on the ball, but in the way they looked. Being avid Nike ID supporters, we loved creating and designing colorways for cleats that were complimentary of the kit being worn. Playing with style and looking fresh while doing it was synonymous for me, although it probably wasn't that appealing for many of my coaches. Nevertheless, our team has become very passionate about trying to build a brand that speaks to the football aficionados who have a unique taste in fashion and a community of ballers who are still trying get touches in for fun.

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