What is FeelsGood FC?

What is FeelsGood FC?

"Looks Good, Feels Good"


FeelsGood Football Club is an optimistic lifestyle brand with an emphasis on uplifting people through the beautiful game.

At FGFC we realize that the impact of soccer in America is getting increasingly stronger day by day, and with our own eyes have seen the impact it can make on people as well. As a team, we are aiming to build a community of footballers that take part in daily pick up games, organized adult leagues, charitable events and fundraisers, and much more. FeelsGood FC was built on the backend of the notion that simply getting out on a field, a court, or even your backyard to get touches in “feels good”. 


Nevertheless, together we have become very passionate about trying to build a brand that speaks to the football aficionados who have a unique taste in fashion and a community of ballers who are still trying get touches in for fun. FeelsGood FC offers vintage and retro soccer kits as well as active streetwear for people who want to look good and feel good at the same time. We take pride in offering authentic merchandise at reasonable prices.

Please spread the love and give this message a share as we start this journey, and feel free to message us for any products you may want to see in the future! 

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